Kodiak Services Partnership is a lot more than a traditional wireline services provider. Our clients needs have changed over the years and so have we. Have you got a well with surface access issues? Our all terrain e-line, slickline and picker units are the answer. Are you drilling horizontal wells? Our TCP, wireline tractor or horizontal deployment tool may fit perfectly into your program. Turning a producer into an injector? We are specialists in casing inspection and production logging. High wellhead pressure, sour or corrosive down hole environments? We do those every day. Is your BHA stuck? We’re experts in pipe recovery. SAGD cement integrity questions? We can log a high resolution cement bond log, using our own tractors as conveyance. Kodiak does have traditional slickline, fishing, e-line logging and perforating, but we also have much more. If you need a solution, call us, you’ll be glad you did.

  • País de origen: Canadá
  • Empleados: 50
  • Año de creación de la empresa: 1997
  • Año de Apertura en Colombia: 2017
  • Consejo Colombiano seguridad: No
  • Países en los que tiene operaciones: Canadá, Estados Unidos, México, Guatemala, Belice, Ethiopia.
  • Departamento (s) donde actualmente presta servicios:  Nivel Nacional.
  • Principales clientes en Colombia:  Gran Tierra, Perenco, Iberoamericana de Hidrocarburos, Parex, Lewis Energy, Oiru, Canacol, Petrosud, Frontera Energy, Petrosantander.
  • Certificaciones en Colombia: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.
  • Código CIIU: 910 



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