Ecopetrol’s proven reserves reach 1972 MMboe (Reservas Probadas de Ecopetrol)

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BOGOTA — Ecopetrol announced its proven reserves of crude oil, condensate and natural gas owned by the company, including its interest in affiliates and subsidiaries, as of December 2013.

Reserves were calculated based on United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) standards and methodology and 99% were audited by three different specialized independent companies.

Proven net hydrocarbon reserves owned by Ecopetrol, including its interest in affiliates and subsidiaries, at the close of 2013 were 1,972 MMboe, a 5.1% increase compared to the 1,877 MMboe in 2012 and the highest ever in the company’s history. In the past five years (2008-2013), Ecopetrol has increased its net reserves by 74%.

In 2013, Ecopetrol added 340 MMboe to its proven reserves, an increase over the 252 MMboe reported in 2012. Production for the year 2013 was 245 MMboe.

The reserve replacement ratio in 2013 was 139%, up from the 109% reported in 2012. This means that for each barrel of oil equivalent produced in 2013, Ecopetrol added 1.39 barrels to its proven reserves. The reserves to production ratio (average life of reserves) remained constant at 8.1 years.

The increase in proven reserves is mainly the product of revisions at existing fields, including the contribution of projects featuring improved recovery and exploratory results.

The fields making the highest contributions to volumes were Castilla, Cupiagua and Yarigui, operated by Ecopetrol, as well as the commercial viabilities fields Akacias and Cano Sur. With respect to operations in partnership with other companies, the contributions of the Rubiales and Quifa fields were the most significant.

In 2013, the Entrerrios and El Dificil fields were divested, representing a 3 MMboe reduction in reserves. The company’s acquisition of the Gunflint field, through its United States subsidiary Ecopetrol America, resulted in a 9 MMboe increase in reserves.

Of the 1,972 MMboe of proven reserves, 94% come from Ecopetrol and the remainder from Hocol, Ecopetrol America and the company’s interest in Equion and Savia Peru.